Pro Bono Students Canada

What is Pro Bono Students Canada?

Pro Bono Students Canada is a national network of law students, community organizations and lawyers all working together to solve traditionally unmet legal problems. PBSC encourages students and legal professionals to volunteer in their communities to provide valuable pro bono legal services and access to justice to underrepresented and disadvantaged individuals, groups, and organizations.  PBSC facilitates these efforts by matching volunteer law students with non-profit organizations, government agencies, legal clinics, lawyers working pro bono and other public interest groups to provide information in a legal context.  All student work is supervised by a volunteer lawyer. With a chapter in every law school in Canada, around 1500 PBSC law student volunteers provide about 120,000 hours of free legal services to various organizations each year.

The University of Ottawa is unique in that there are two law faculties within one school. The Common law section began its PBSC program in 1998 and the Civil law section launched its PBSC program in 2004. Both programs experienced great success from the outset. Due to the program’s location in the capital, students have access to placements with an interesting range of non-governmental organizations and other not-for-profit organizations.

The University of Ottawa's PBSC program operates during the school year. The Common law and Civil law programs run from September - March. PBSC is currently accepting applications from organizations and students for the 2013-2014 academic term.

For Organizations…If you would like to receive a law student’s assistance, please complete our online form. If you have any questions, please contact Julia Williams (Common law) at probono@uottawa or 613-562-5800 x3291 or Julien Langlois (Civil law) at or 613-562-5800 x7792.

For law students… Students from every year of law school are welcome to participate in PBSC. Students commit to completing 3 hours per week in a law-related placement, with the exception of the December and April exam periods. Students participating in the program must attend a training session in the fall, keep the program coordinators informed as their placement progresses, and complete a final report for the National PBSC office in March.
If you are a student who would like to volunteer with PBSC in 2013-2014, please complete our online application. Alternatively, you may submit the answers to the questions on the form by email, with a copy of your resume and cover letter attached. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Julia Williams or Ceilidh Henderson (Common law) at or 613-562-5800 x3291 or Julien Langlois (Civil law) at  or 613-562-5800 x7792.

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